I attended Armando's seminars, they were very helpful. If you are expecting to be spoon fed, and it does not work that way.

You have to get up odd your lazy butts and hunt. Armando was not at the free seminar long with the 3-day seminar, that is completly understandable, because he can not be in 300 places at once. its common sence idiots. I have 15 properties.

All because of armando. I attened the bus tour in california and it was very inspirering. If you just went to the 3-day event you have no idea what you are talking about. Take it from me, I have done everything they have said and i am making more money than i have thought.

I am my own boss. I would highly suggest Armando's seminar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Armando Montelongo Seminar.

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Tell Armando hi when you pick up your bi-weekly pay check.

Midland, Texas, United States #1187034

Lmao you're full of it.

Gainesville, Georgia, United States #1143395

We never expected that we didn't have to work to make money but he is deceitful in his tactics, promises that they'll be there all the way through for you and when you call, no one calls you back until you harass them. I even told them I thought their business was a scam from the start when they wouldn't call back bui I only wish I had listened to my gut feeling.

We are retired and didn't have much money. They led us on to believe the funding was going to be through a finance company, Seed Capitol, and then set up credit cards in my name without prior knowledge. When the cards started coming in, I called and asked about the financing. Their reply was, "this is how it's done'.

If I hadn't wanted to flip houses so much, I should have put a stop to it then. We made minimum payments for 5 months, then our extra money was gone so we've had to write letters to the credit card companies that we can't make anymore payments. This has been a devastating experience. We didn't have but 1 credit card before this situation and had good credit.

We don't want to file bankruptcy so we have to continually tell our story every month when the credit card companies call to collect. I didn't want to spend my retirement years under stress and duress like we're going through. I thought we found a better way to make some good money.

Not to get rich, but live better. We were willing to work for it and my husband was familiar with construction and flooring, so we weren't novices.





Surely it s wire fraud. Give the Feds the info .

Be patient I helped bring *** holes like this down before.

They are currently in federal prison. Their is another scam going around like this with another set of husband wife flippers from A&E network


Berating people by calling them names like lazy by assuming the reason they aren't successful at this program is b/c they won't get off their "butts" simply b/c of their expectation to be "spoon-fed" their success has got to be THE most asinine example of defamatory & slanderous language that serves only one purpose...the continued persecution that a 'class' of people remain disenfranchised from success! The cycle of hate requires only one thing from us...HATE demands us to make only the choices that affect our actions & demonstrate our purpose...to perform like puppets!

I don't know you but I don't have to in order to understand you.

First, congratulations to you for achieving your status of success, as you so simply describe it! Where did you find the time, while achieving all your financial success, to search out internet blogs from people who, primarily, are dissatisfied with Armondo Montelongo and then found that the best use of your time, if time is important to you because time is money, you found it wise to waste your time by boasting about your success by using it as a means to lord over others as a means to subjugate them to your form of battery all in the name of what....defending a millionaire from people who feel they were cheated out of $1500.00? Wow, so many people with the same story and then there's your little voice saying what....certainly nothing that's important to anyone else but you!

In my vast experience, most people, especially those who gave up $1500 they couldn't afford, didn't give it up because they were "lazy"...just the opposite, they gave what was so hard to give because they understand how hard they had to work for that money and the courage it took to take it for that walk!

It's not laziness that keeps people from success, it's fear. Maybe show a little empathy and compassion to those people who you are so quick to judge. You sound like someone whose righteous & has all the answers. To me, all that says is that you haven't lived long enough to understand what it means to experience life!

There's nothing lazy about a person who knows about failure and sacrifice more than the person who still lives to tell about!

I dare you to call that person lazy to their face and find yourself still standing...regardless of how many 'bucks' you prop yourself up with. Lazy, yeah that's a word we can live with but can you live with the word that call you a coward?

Good luck with your kind of success....you'll need it!

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #942545

That person has zero houses. Expose yourself!


Scared huh???? Lying ***.

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #942542

Use proper English.

to mike #1377796

Yeah learn how to spell check......Lmao


Glad you have 15 properties I don't believe a word of it, you can't spell worth ***. You can't put together a proper sentence.


You need to take some of the money you made and pay someone to grammar/spell check your post. I am sure this Adam the trainer....he couldn't spell nor compose a clear thought !

Frisco, Texas, United States #915280

Amen! Texas is a big state Koup....

Not everyone here works for Montelongo. If are upset about losing money here, feel blessed that your real estate investment career didn't take flight. I'm currently a real estate investor, have been for 10 years and lose money sometimes. Like any investment, there are ebbs and flows and success comes from individuals who have the intuition for this type of work.

It's not something that you are going to learn in a bogus three day workshop. Honestly, would you like your doctor or lawyer to practice after a three day seminar preceded by a tour bus ride?


I just purchased the 3 day event, are you saying that I'll have to spend more on another event be successful?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #843837

This response is to address norm2012's comments. By the statements you made & showing what state you're commenting from (TEXAS) it's obvious that you work for the Armando Scam Team.

Anyone that has attended these 3 day workshops & bus tours have all complained it was a scam. It has nothing to do with people being lazy you ***!

The only person making millions is Armando himself off of scamming consumers of their hard earned money that fell prey to him, because they trusted him from the A&E Flip this House TV show & more than likely like myself didn't bother to RESEARCH THIS *** first! So you can stop protecting this scam artist you *** FACED DECEITFUL DERANGED INDIVIDUAL!

to KOUP Hayward, California, United States #996051

Do you know if there is a class action lawsuit against Armando M?

I'm interested to join.


I attended one of his free events, It seemed like the program could work if you follow everything but to flip a house you need to work or to hire someone to do the work and they make it look like the money comes from the sale. But in today's market, I am trying to buy a house for myself and I see alot of properties sitting still because of the neighborhood they are in and home owners must come way down in price to sell and I see most homeowners holding out.

Also much competition with experienced investor's. The three day event cost 900.00 and who has 900.00 in their account?

Meaning if you have the credit, you will get yourself in debt.They do say you can bring a partner to split the cost, so if you find a partner then two of you can be out 450.00. If the program doesn't work out for you, then you (two) are out a total of 900.00

Portland, Oregon, United States #802634

300 placec at ones??? Do some math ***!!!

Thats how he makes his millions, from people like you. Lol

Homestead, Florida, United States #663164

i m real investor in south Miami, i have more 12 homes, all with tenant and 3 for sale right now...3/2.5 $89K and $ 125 K 4/3 $ 149 K , single family in fort myers $110K .... you only need cash !!!!

cash !!! founD you cash !!! go court...or tax deed sale ....or direct short sale and every place has his own trick, ....whatch out !!!!

taxes , liens from city, HOA, old houses, income rent,type eviction !!..... forum305@yahoo.com

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #627755

I just went to the 3 day seminar I wasn't impressed can someone tell me how the bus tour was Please give me a real deception.

Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #622376

No, you're the lazy one, trying to scam people out of their hard earned cash so you can sit on your fat, lazy ***. You belong in jail you and Armando belong in jail you ***.

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