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Armando Montelongo is scamming people. I was told I could get a refund if I could not attend...totally false!!

Nothing but poor service from this company, rude people and a flat out refusal to refund my $$$!!! He is not in the real estate market anymore, he is in the market of totally ripping people off. The real estate market is changing so rapidly. Please do not give this company anything, they will only rip you off and do nothing they promise, verbally or written.

He is going to scam everyone, then get out.

He will not even be in business in 2 yrs, he will be living off all the money he scammed people!! This company must be exposed for what they are really doing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Armando Montelongo Seminar.

Monetary Loss: $1497.

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Frisco, Texas, United States #915305

Folks are really missing the point on what a scam is. This does not really meet all the elements since you are paying for a seminar and in return, you get a seminar.

While this is a pricey seminar, it would be a scam if you paid and he did not hold the event. The contents and subjects covered are to educate you, not provide instant wealth. One could argue if anything of value can is obtained in these seminars and just like anything else it's up to the individual. I hired a swing coach to help my golf game...

I'm not on the pga tour and my golf game is still dreadful. Did the swing coach scam me???

No, he didn't. This is similar to real estate investing, you are either really talented or you aren't.

to Advisor #1386649

Thank you " Advisor " for your PAID REVIEW. You are a credit to his team . THank you again ASSvisor lol

Venice, Florida, United States #778376

The open house kit was from Rodger Butcher (1970's) NOT Armando.

Venice, Florida, United States #778375

I can't believe so many people are still falling for scammers like this. They have been around for many years.

Does anyone remember Rodger Butcher and the man & wife couple (can't remember their name)but they had many infomercials with the same line as Armando? I watched his TV show a few times & could not stand him or his wife. They know nothing about home building of "fixing up" business. I did actually get a nice little "open house" kit for real estate professionals as I attended with the office where I was working at the time in N.Y.

I also did the Rich Dad seminar but got out before I got taken to the poor house. If it sounds too good to be true then DON'T DO IT..research, research, research!


Armando, what do you see when you look in the mirror? I bet that I can read your think that all is fair and justified in this dog eat dog world.

You are just being the best that you can be as a provider, and filling that giant ego by seeing yourself on screen. You truly think that your presence is somehow worth an enormous amount of money for most. Now, be honest with yourself...put yourself in the position of some of the people that you have screwed (if you can lower yourself to do such a thing)...a working, middle class mother or father of 3, struggling in this economy of higher prices and lower wages, looking for an opportunity to improve their family's situation. They see your infomercial, and the temptation gets the best of them.

They sign up for free, get bagged for $1500, and bribed for $40,000 more. Now they have another problem on top of the original challenges...they have credit card debt, $42,000 more than a short time ago. You are responsible for this tipping point in their lives. Do you really feel that anyone's can truly recover from this?

You are responsible, due to your arrogance and ignorance, for that family's demise. What do you see in the mirror? If you are as successful as you claim...and charity is important, then drop the false program...take a weekend per month...invite ten people to share that weekend with you for FREE...spread your knowledge...spread your charity, and feel like a giver and not a taker. If I were you, I could not live with myself...I could not sleep at night.

I am a dentist, I make a good living, and I regularly choose a patient, or a family that is less fortunate, and I help them charitably, I improve their health for free, and I feel good about myself. What goes around, always comes around eventually. You should hope that it does not in your case, because I don't think you could handle such a blow.

Look in the mirror Armando, are you really ok with what you see? Deep down, I doubt it...yours is coming, be ready for it.


this is same as any seminar company. you all should read something before signing and paying i have been to tons of these over the years for the free info.

if you cannot do it or you are debating paying rent over this in my opinion rent would come first over some get rich quick class. using your brains would be a good idea.


Yes, I attended in April. I called needing to get my money back due to I had to pay rent.

They told me that the 3 day was up and I was unable to cancel. There has to be something that can be done.

I am sure there are people out there that has paid and found out that they could not attend. Any suggestions to what I should do to get my money back.

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