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I bought the course for $4,000. This is truly way more expensive than the best course available.

The course is very basic and elementary containing information that anyone could figure out easily. This is certainly not worth $4,000. The better information is free from leading experts.

When following Armanda suggestion I got nowhere the forms are not outdated/ inaccurate.

His suggestion for leads are absurd Bail Bond's men laughed at me. I do not recommend this course.

Do not be taken in by the fast talk BS they give. I will be reporting them to the AG office and the BBB in every state.

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It's not just too expensive, he does not deliver what he promises. His big push is using hard lenders with no money out of your pocket.

I have made several calls and spent hours on line and guess what, still no hard money lender. I have called the company, surely they must have a list of lenders, right. Wrong, they refuse to help me, unless I sign up for the $25,000 Bus Tour. What a rip off.

I just want what they promised, using hard money lenders to purchase and flip your properties.

The class I took was the poorest taught class ever. Of course, AM doesn't care because he already has your money.


Haha they will catch up to him...Morgan you just want a check...if you guys think this is a rip off try the bustour... These guys are drinking just laughing cuz their making all this money.

Veronica on the bus tour showing off her fake chest. Honey it's not real!


Armando Montelongo firmly stands by the quality and value of the goods and services offered, and genuinely wants his students to succeed. We are concerned about the reported circumstances and remain open and available to address these and any other concerns that you and other students may have.

We are here for YOU and our ultimate goal is to see you succeed. Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you.

to Morgan #656561

Yeah Right,

When are people going to stop believeing this BS. This guy is a complete fake, and a A-- Hole on top o it.

Wise up people.

You can't get anything for free. Well maybe a bad case of VD but that is about it

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