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His entire company and employees are nothing but liars. When my husband and I tried to question some things that were said and not done as his company said, they blew it off and kept telling us, "I'll see what I can so." They first get you by saying they'll get you financed.

They don't tell you until they've already signed you up for 8-10 credit cards that that's how it's done. Then at their famous Bus Tour, they have loud music with people acting like they're crazy, dancing like maniacs to very sexual musical tones. They use binary tones to control your mind. They tell you everything you want to hear, but when it comes right down to it, they take your money and go on to the next victim.

Yes, victim. We were lied to many times. They tr3eat you good to your face, get you to sign up for the next training seminar, telling you you're special and only a limited number of people get chosen for this particular training. We were scammed out of $60-80, 000 and we've turned it over to the credit card companies as fraud and to the local FBI.

I trusted him but I don't trust any of his companies or his employees. We've terminated anything to do with communication with his companies. We believe that Seed Capitol is one of HIS entities along with so many other things.l They're all just in it for the money. They tell y9ou they'll make sure you get your first house to flip financed, then when you call them to help with financing, no one is available and they tell you they never said such a thing.

We're not the only ones that have been scammed, lied to and literally raped by him and his company. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR HIS COMPANY THAT HELPS TRAIN YOU TO FLIP HOUSES WITHOUT USING YOUR OWN MONEY. They really only want people who already have money, not us poor folks trying to make some good money. I didn't think I'd get rich quick, but I didn't know we'd be in a very difficult financial situation because of how they run their businesses.

I believe they hire people to go to their bus tours who ACT like they paid for the trip the same as we did, and who suck you into their lies. I don't wish bad things to people but someone will be investigating him soon.

I just hope no one else gets scammed anymore.

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Des Moines, Iowa, United States #1152065

me again, i reread, YOU reported it to your credit card company as fraud? THATS FRAUD ***, YOU WILLFULLY ENTERED INTO THE FINANCING AGREEMENT!

to thiat guy again Des Moines, Iowa, United States #1152067

what you do is sue them for "unjust enrichment", it essentially means they took advantage of you (in a legal sense) to gain proportional wealth .

to thiat guy again #1157425

You didn't understand me. They signed me up for credit cards before I agreed to anything.

They set it up under a faults email address did not ask my permission and when they started coming to my house and I call them all they said was this is how we do business . We were led to believe that it would be a finance company not credit cards. So if we wanted to take their course we had to use the credit cards. Little did we know the entire course ended up costing us about $70,000.

I got screwed and never enjoyed it. They are bold face liar's, they are unscrupulous, deceitful, and dishonest.


You were literally raped by his company?

to Anonymous Gainesville, Georgia, United States #1143388

Pretty much

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