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I went with a good friend to a “free seminar) (AKA sales pitch. After listening to the talks about how the system “works” and how we need to buy the $1,500 seminar, I started asking about theft by deception and showed them my badge.

We were then asked to leave the building; it was funny how just asking about being a scam gets you kicked out.

That by its self is a big red flag, I had a good idea that this was a scam before walking in the doors; I was 100% certain after that experience. She didn’t even try to convince us it wasn’t a scam.

This reviewer shared experience about "scam" and wants this business to "stop scaming pepole". The author is overall dissatisfied with Armando Montelongo. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Ben selling buying homes for 30 years dont waste your money on any of these programs. The hardest thing is finding these properties.

What makes u think u can purchase homes that investors have ben doing for decades. Maybe 1 out of 500 new investors can make a go of it


Of course it is a scam. That is how the Montelongos made their money.

They didn't get as rich as they are just by flipping houses on HGTV, Plus of all the house flipping people on HGTV I thought the Montelongos were the cockiest, most conceited ones.

I never did buy the story that they told at the beginning of their program that when they arrived where ever in Texas they only had a few dollars to their name.

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