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This is just another scammer who has gotten rich and keeps getting richer by getting money from others who he has convinced they can get rich. Are people REALLY this gullible?

His 1500.00, "3-day workshop", after the initial rah-rah meeting where he baits people with bits of info, but not enough to use, is nothing but a high pressure sales pitch. He intentionally gets everyone all riled up, with cheering and loud music, convincing them it is life changing and the first step to financial freedom!! Just like the idiots who got involved with A.L. Williams--screaming and cheering like *** from a mental hospital.

The pressure starts with his employees pressuring, I mean convincing, people that they NEED to invest 1500 for the workshop if they want financial freedom, and YES they WILL get their money back one way or another!!! Wouldn't one be closer to financial freedom if he kept their 1500.00? This fat, mush-mouthed slob is as big of a scam as those 2 idiots, Mike and Irene Milin, who were pulling the same crap in the 80's and 90's. Yes sireee!

You could get rich, too, if you paid 250 per person to attend their seminar, plus spent upwards of 500 for the "course books" which contained, buried somewhere, ALL the information Mike and Irene mentioned, and all the information YOU need to get rich and buy houses for zero money. But what they didn't tell anyone is THEY got much more money from the people who paid for the seminars and books, than they did following their supposed financial freedom through real estate "methods".

Product or Service Mentioned: Armando Montelongo Seminar.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Yes I have to agree with the reviews. It is a scam.

I paid $1500.00 for that three day *** and they give you generic information. But almost immediately the staff starts up selling there three day bus trip that would cost $40,000 all during the three day information. they use that to get people to increase the limit on there credit cards. All to cover the up sells.

The staff worked the room trying to make back room deals with those that could not afford the full amount.

I was told I could pay $7000.00 and get on the Bus trip.. scam scam scam