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I went to the event and they talk a very good game and are very good at what they do. To sell you somthing for nothing.

I paid the $1500 without researching armondos scam. If you read this after you go you have to cancell within the 3 days and i used a drbit card and I followed the cancelation proceedure and did recieve a refund. Please dobt get sucked in by this scem. Thenonly get rich person is him cheating people out of their money he says finacial freedom youll br in financial disater.

His tv show was canceled because of his dishonesty even been banned from a few states for cheating people out of their money. The 40,000 bus tour if you havr that much you can do some research and buy a fixer upper fod 25 or 30 thousand and put 20,000 into the property and flip it your self and probley almost double your money if not more. I wouldnt recomend attending this seminar at all. He should be ashamed of hisself and *** get paid back some how for all his wrong doings.

Dont get suckef into this scem. The only one making money is him and his sales pros.

DONT DO IT!!! period..

Review about: Armando Montelongo Seminar.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: quit scaming hard working people that earn their money not by ripping people pff like you...

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Did you have to email the cancellation paper that they gave you? I signed up for it Friday 6/17/16 I have till the 21st to cancel can you tell me what you did to get my money back? Thank you.


what really happens on the bus tours?

Dallas, Texas, United States #949413

I was wondering what happened to is show and his wife.

Lompoc, California, United States #940107

Armando Montelongo did guarantee money back if no house sold with 30 days this was last yr and fighting battle he is a piece of ***...hopefully his kids turn out better then him. He talks a good take and plays a good game I can't wait for him to go bankrupt and hope he loses every thing like did because of his lies.


First sentence, second paragraph of this horribly written complaint says it all. This program obviously is not really a scam since there are no guarantees you will make money.

Think of it as spending money on your education...

You graduate from college expecting to make a fortune shortly after your departure and in most cases you do not.

Good luck on your next investment.....

to Advisor San Francisco, California, United States #942193

If your attitude is indicative of the company then I see why the company gets such horrible reviews. You had to try to insult them for how they wrote their review.

It's obvious that you work for the compang. You should stop insulting people and please stop taking people's hard earned money for a pipe dream.

to Advisor #956695

What about when you put up $40,000 for the Miami trip and when you leave on Sunday from the class the sales people assure you that Brittney will call on Thurday to help arrange hotels and flights and you NEVER get a call? That is taking money under false pretenses and that is a FELONY. This was just at the Washington DC seminar on Feb 13,14,15 of this year 2015.


*** is the uneducated buyer not seller.

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