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Since this is a scam, you don't actually have to know anything about real estate in order to work for Armando Montelongo.

I'm a waiter at a fine-dining restaurant in downtown San Antonio. Two men from Armando Montelongo's sales team recently came and tried to recruit me into their sales team. These were the shadiest two I had ever met. Their self importance oozed through their perfectly-pressed Armani suits. They wouldn't go into details--all they did is rave about some guy named Armando Montelongo.

These two also made racist jokes loudly enough for other tables to hear. One of the guys--Kurt Weinrich was his name--casually chuckled about gassing the Jews while a nearby table looked on in disgust.

They finally left about two hours after closing time. I told them that I would check out the seminar just to get them out of the door--in fine dining a waiter cannot leave until the last table leaves.

I blew them off. I wanted nothing to do with their seminar or this mysteriously shady Armando Montelongo figure. I blew them off hoping they would get the hint.

They didn't get the hint. Two weeks later, these two gentlemen visited my restaurant again, this time asking for me by name. Again, they went on and on about Armando Montelongo. Again, Kurt Weinrich joked about gassing the Jews. Again, they stayed for over two hours after closing time.

I finally agreed to attend their seminar. I was absolutely disgusted by what I saw there.

There was an older couple really close to me—they had to be in their sixties. They were open and honest, sharing their story with the uncaring smiling face of the ‘mentor’ beside me. The man was a Vietnam veteran still dealing with PTSD. They had just been left with a huge funeral bill from the death of a family member. They were desperate to escape the financial *** that life had unjustly thrust upon them. Worst of all? They had already drank the Kool-Aid; they were completely convinced that this class was going to give them the skills needed for financial freedom. The so-called mentor next to me, his cold and uncaring smile never wavering, had no trouble in convincing this poor old couple into opening up their still premature IRA to be used for the next great class; a $40,000 bus-ride for two.

After this happened, one of my recruiters approached me and whispered, “You see that older couple that just left? They’re almost certainly not going to make any money flipping houses. But this just what we do, and if you want to make money as a member of the ‘wolf pack’ then you have to do this.”

This infuriated me. After a brief moment, I quietly excused myself and headed toward the restroom—which also happened to be by the door—and left.

I have nightmares about what I saw that day. The level of depravity to which Armando Montelongo and his team of unqualified parasites will stoop is unparalleled.

What if it were your parents or loved one who were about to be scammed by Armando Montelongo? Please spread this message so that no one else may be deceived.

This reviewer shared experience about "they recruit smooth-talking sales people with no experience in real estate." and wants this business to "stop scamming!!" as the author lost $100. The author is overall dissatisfied with Armando Montelongo. The most disappointing about a product or service from Armando Montelongo was scamming a vietnam veteran Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1264356

not buying this statement from the waiter. we attended a seminar as well...didn't buy the course but were treated with respect considering we are also in our 60's.

to Anonymous San Antonio, Texas, United States #1265800

So the waiter just made it all up?

For what reason, pray tell?

Because I'm not quite following your logic.

Complaints about Armando Montelongo are all over the Internet. Are all of these people really just making it all up?

Is the waiter just making it all up?

What about the the class-action lawsuit with over 160 people involved--are they all just making it up too?

You state that you didn't buy the course--care to share why? Question: If someone has 60k to spare and is interested in real estate, what should that person do?

Should he spend it on a b.s. course that teaches what a primate could find for free on the Internet, or should he *gasp* actually invest that 60k on his first house?


Not trying to be didactic here but this complaint only addresses the symptom of the problem.

Scam artists like Armando Montelongo are a dime a dozen these days.


Because as a whole we the people enable such individuals through our collective ignorance and apathy.

There are four main reasons for this:

1) We've been conditioned to never question those in authority.

2) Our capacity for critical thought is suppressed by our public education system. 3) Crass materialism has been shoved so far down our throats that most people believe that who you are is determined by stuff you have and the size of your bank account.

We are all victims of a consumption-based culture of materialistic slavery. 4)The majority of us are apathetic toward the struggles of our fellow human.

to Anonymous Keaau, Hawaii, United States #1265656

Yes these definitely contribute to our vulnerability to deception

Fredericksburg, Texas, United States #1201565

I have witnessed several seminars from this Montelongo character. Not only his arrogance shines, but also his staff members are a bunch of predators waiting for their victims.

They all have the same personality. There is one individual whose name I believe is Jordan whose comments are better left unsaid. He basically demands from anyone the singing and the compromise towards Mr. Montelongo's cause.

To make matters worst, the way he addresses the establishment staff where the seminar is taking place is absolutely unprofessional and grotesque. This individual needs classes of public relations and perhaps classes of culture, since probably his background does not allowed him to understand human behavior.

In sum this Montelongo deal is nothing but a balloon filled with hot air, sponsor by a bunch of bloodless personalities with a common goal: Stuffed their own pockets at the expenses of misinformed people.

Thank you.

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