Nothing at all happening. I've never had an experience with Armando Montelongo or his companies. I saw a infomercial for a free seating at one of his 'live events' recently. It seemed fishy, although some of the things did seem rational when first hearing it.

As a result of this, I surfed the web to see what other people, specifically people whom have personally experienced Armando's services, had to say about it. After reading the various things written, it was pretty clear to me that this is a scam. People have written on this site, that they have been scammed for tens of thousands of dollars!

Maybe it would be a good idea to file a class action law suit for fraud. This can all be organized at some website, possibly armando-montelongo-class-action-suit.com.

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DEADLINE APPROACHING: For those of you who have been financially harmed by purchasing the Armando Montelongo Seminars, you have a limited time opening to join the RICO Act Lawsuit. It doesn't cost a penny to join.

The Lawyers are taking the case on a Contingency to help you the victim of Armando's sales tactics and lack of services. Please visit this website www.flippinrefund.weebly.com - private - and join the forces today to help yourself get your life back. Come join the forces that are in this case already. You have everything to gain and the legal support to get you through.

The deadline to get into this case is August 31, 2017.

Please share this post with anyone that you know that needs help. #emergentlaw #chriswimmer #sernaandassociates

to Concerned #1568829

Please: I NEED to Join this Lawsuit: LOSS Over $10,000 am a senior citizen and can't afford this loss Email me at pf122004@yahoo.com

San Jose, California, United States #1265899

I'm looking for that class action law suit. Please contact me if you guys are out there.


Emergent has filed suit under the federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ("RICO") on behalf of 164 former students of "Flip This House" star Armando Montelongo and his companies, alleging that the real estate mogul's educational offerings -- which cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, and which are attended by thousands of students every year -- do not live up to the central claim that the Montelongo "system works in any financial market, at any given time," and are instead the heart of a fraudulent scheme to sell students worthless "education." In what appears to be the first major lawsuit brought against the defendants over their seminars, the students seek over $12 million in trebled RICO damages.

A copy of the complaint is below. If you'd like to know more about this lawsuit or our other group action work, contact us.


to Anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1346627

I attended the Bus Tour in Jan. 2106 and Feb.

2016. This was after I attended the 3 day seminar in Arlington, Va in December, 2015. I spent 4 days in San Texas in Jan. and 3 days in Phoenix, Ar.

The courses were great, but the amount of money I spent is questionable. My son really this training to help himself along; he was between jobs. It sounded like a start. On the 3rd day of Seminar, we had to make decision.

The recruiters even talked with my son at length regarding his lack of income. They even witnessed him making calls trying to borrow money. No good. So they said that I would be charged $30k, used 5k from my credit card and opened 3 c/c for the difference of $25K.

In the end my son pulled out. My concern and need is to file a claim re the whole of amount which came to just for the training of $34K (this also included Asset Protection which none of us knew had to be done at a later date; but had to be paid fo $1,4895.

I went solo seems I should be refunded at least half of the money back. Talk about a "Learning Curb"!!!

to Anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1346630

i would like to know more this lawsuit or other group actions. I'm from Baltimore Md.

to Anonymous #1568843

Please: I NEED to Join this Lawsuit: LOSS Over $10,000 am a senior citizen and can't afford this loss Email me at pf122004@yahoo.com

Frisco, Texas, United States #915272

Good luck with your class action law suit... You feel ripped off now, just wait for the legal fee the lawyer will charge.

Since some of you reading this fell into this hustle and are eagerly seeking ways to recover your lost money, here's some free advice- don't waste your time and efforts on legal action, most lawyers would not take this case without a retainer fee which is going to cost more than you all lost. Second, Montelongo isn't a huge corporation that services millions of customers, therefore a class action will not work. Finally, if you feel like investing your money in these modern day preacher scams on late night television is away out of your financial woes, try spending your money on an education or a trade that is sold and will provide a steady long term return.

Linda is spot on with her advice... Nothing in this world is free.

Los Angeles, California, United States #665665

There are a lot of lazy people out there that want instant success for no work or investment. I'm a 20 year real estate broker and everything he says is right on the money.

Not everything is a free ride or a do it yourself world. Experts deserve to get paid for their experience, not matter how many people cry for the cliff notes.

to Linda Flips #1158249

If I may ask, how much do you think "the experts" deserve to be paid for "their experience".

San Antonio, Texas, United States #644179

Armando Montelongo has a very bad reputation in the construction and remodeling business in San Antonio. No one trusts him.

I am in the construction business myself and one of his bogus companies tried to get my company to do a job for him once. They got mad when I told them they had to give me a 50% down payment and half the rest when we showed up to do the job. They got someone else. That was no loss.

I was still nervous about making a deal to trust them for 25% on completion. He is shameless about weaseling people to get them to do something for nothing.

People like him never produce good work because the good people can do other work and not worry about getting paid or getting chiseled out of part of the money. They get inexperienced people instead who don't know about them or they get people who have to work for people like that to get any work at all.

to Big Bob Anaheim, California, United States #705202

Who would buy this creepers houses?

Unlicensed people risking their lives to be berated by this a hole

Yea where can I sign up

Henderson, Nevada, United States #622220

My son and I attended seminars at Sunset Station Casino, of course on Armando's tv paid program, you will recieve a training aids worth $500.00 which pretty amusing without using your credit card and cash. That night, as per fellow student and now a representative of Armando, most important is momey, time and knowledge, all participants agreed specially the paid individual and couples presented how much money they make in one flip, then he annunciated that thier is a payment of $1,479.00 in three sessions, WTF, we thought its free, when we heard that, we stood up exit the room and the rest follow through.

Some of his associate who joined the sit in, fill up forms at the back table. THIS IS A BRIGHT SCAM.

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