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I'm watching Armando Montelongo right now on "Undercover Boss". What an egotistical, self serving, self important and selfish individual. No wonder he received an "F" rating by the BBB. What a joke! I have no personal interaction with him; thank gawd and never will. Just watching him on "Undercover Boss" is enough for me to see what a scammer he is. Why he would go on national TV on such a show; is beyond me. He pretty much showed the world what an unscrupulous person he is. What a pathetic excuse for an self proclaimed messiah for... Read more

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Original complaint can be found at Excerpt from suit: INTRODUCTION 1. Armando Montelongo (“Montelongo”) and his companies and allies have made hundreds of millions of dollars selling real estate education programs to Americans who long for financial independence. Yet their central claim—that Montelongo’s “system” for flipping homes yields profits anywhere in the nation, no matter what the state of the real estate market—is a lie, and their widespread promotion of that lie over a course of years violates the federal... Read more

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Went as a guest to the information seminar in Orange 4/21/16. Was like a bad infomercial. When the first 2 guests chose to quietly leave, speaker, Devon actually bad mouthed them. Boyfriend & I chose to leave 2 hours into it. Devon was still going strong and not getting to the point. We quietly walked out where there bouncer, Alex gave us evil eye. When we asked to obtain additional info, he was insistent that we go back in. Explaining to him we needed to go, he began to become insulting. Really? They are just bad business. Recommend don't... Read more

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His entire company and employees are nothing but liars. When my husband and I tried to question some things that were said and not done as his company said, they blew it off and kept telling us, "I'll see what I can so." They first get you by saying they'll get you financed. They don't tell you until they've already signed you up for 8-10 credit cards that that's how it's done. Then at their famous Bus Tour, they have loud music with people acting like they're crazy, dancing like maniacs to very sexual musical tones. They use binary tones to... Read more

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I am a successful residential income property owner. My Montelongo take: he preys on the ignorant, looking to fleece the public. Forget the $1,500 seminar and the pressure to enroll: If you want to learn to flip properties, I suggest for FREE you look at YouTube, and go to eBay and buy a few low cost flipping books, for less than $100, and study them. Best to you always : ) Read more

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People are trusting them with their life saving. They smile and feed you while they LIE! The hotels should not allow these seminars. Some people are trusting because of the reputation of the facilities he uses. They should ALL be in JAIL. It's all a SCAM. God sees and He knows. They WILL reap what they sow. Pay day will come for them ALL! Went to the seminar and was told more than once that I was buying into a franchise. Right! It's all about STEALING your money, and the LAW is on his side! Don't waste your time, don't invest. Read more

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I attended the 3 day seminar. What a waste of time and money. All they talked about was about how rich they are and how much they give back to charities. The first day they train you on how to fil out a hard money lender application but in reality the application is to see who the people in the room have credit cards or money in their bank accounts. Then they send you home the first day and your homework is to call all your credit card companies to have your credit limits raised as high as possible. Then the next two days they pitch you the... Read more

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I'm Ivan, and I was told all the promises this *** Montelongo promised and nothing. Like my refund they promised with a 100% guaranteed back. But I never got nothing. So I tried calling to go through with what I could. And nothing, and when I tried getting through to writing a letter to Armando. I find out he has a P.O.Box. Lol. Ridiculous. There is no way to get your money back. Why because it's a scam. First one that got me. I guess because they used some real estate knowledge. But in all reality they don't know funding, they know scam.... Read more

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My Name is Michael McBride....I attended one of Montelongo's House Flipping seminares. .at the time I attended the seminare I was down on my luck and looking for a way to better my life....I believed so much in the seminare Iborrowed $1500.00 ffom my parents because the people told me they would help me every step of the way to become sucessful....I explained my circumstances to those involved and was told I would be given special consideration because of the many problems I was facing. I did ask if this was going to cost any more, Because I... Read more

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I went to his so called seminar in Dallas. This piece owes me money. It's. Scam never got internet email 800. And approx 3000 a friend got taken. It's all bait and switch if this goes to court sign me up !!!! Add comment

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